The Studio

When Michael and Andrea Nelson opened Michael Nelson Studio in 1990, their goal was to create a business where creativity flourished and mediocrity was banished. 

For the first seven years, they worked out of a spacious 5000 square foot studio in north Atlanta, shooting for individuals, corporations and ad agencies.  Some of their clients included Toni Braxton, The Atlanta Ballet, Amoco, Proctor & Gamble, Hanes, Women's Wear Daily and Harp Lager.

During this time, Michael discovered that he really enjoyed shooting on location, capturing people in their environments.  This, coupled with the rise of the internet in the late '90s and advances in digital post-production, made having a fixed location much less important. 

In 1998 they bought and outfitted a location trailer and relocated their offices, expanding their service offerings in the process. 

Andrea began working in digital media, developing her own style of digital painting and fine art printing.

To this day, creativity, originality, and quality are the guiding principles.

The Medium

Michael still prefers to shoot film, which is then digitally scanned, retouched, sometimes painted, and digitally printed.  There are 3 reasons for this. 

One is that no matter what people say, in there foreseeable future there will be more resolution (detail) in a 120mm transparency than in the best digital camera. 

The second is that a piece of film doesn't crash, get infected with a virus, break if you drop it, or fail to write to a card or hard drive.  Plus, you don't need a computer to look at it.

The third is the most important reason.  With the lighting that he uses, film has an intangible, beautiful quality that digital cannot capture.